Sunday, June 3, 2018

Set List for June 4, 2018

Pete Dunaway:  Supermarket
Mandrake Som:  Berimbau
Bossacucanova feat. Maria Rita & David Feldman:  Deixa A Menina
Rosalia De Souza:  Amanha
Shawn Lee:  Head Up
Thunderball feat. Afrika Bambaataa:  Electric Shaka
RJD2:  Behold, Numbers!
Nickodemus:  Funky In The Middle
Mondo Grosso feat. Big-O:  One Temperature
Ursula 1000 feat. Tee Double:  We Go High
Skeewiff:  Sing It To Me One More Time Baby
Beats Antique feat. Too Many Zooz:  The Block
Henri-Pierre Noel:  Afro-Funk Groove
My Trippin' Mojo:  Nice Girls With Cool Cars
Diazpora:  Numbers
Diplomats Of Solid Sound:  No Man
Dr. John:  You Swore
EMO vs. Boozoo Bajou:  Can't Take It No More
Fila Brazillia:  Madame Le Fevre
Flevans:  Be There
De Phazz:  As The World Turns
Don Tiki:  Pajama Tops
Les Baxter:  Taboo (JoJo Effect Remix)
Lemongrass:  Cafe De Paris
Martin Denny:  Hypnotique
Frank Zappa:  Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar Some More
Frank Zappa:  Watermelon In Easter Hay
The Herbaliser:  Blackwater Drive
The Olympians:  Apollo's Mood
Ondatropica:  De Mar A Mar
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra:  Easy Living
Buyepongo:  Sin Parar
Campo:  Mi Corazon
The Claypool Lennon Delirium:  Cricket And The Genie (Movement II, Oratorio Di Cricket)
Xploding Plastix:  Geigerteller
Trio Eletrico:  Echo Parcours (Quantic Remix)
Bobby Hughes Combination:  Clive The Runner

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Set List for May 28, 2017
Memorial Day

Beastie Boys:  Namaste
Blundetto:  Since You've Been Gone
Clutchy Hopkins:  Percy On The One
The Dining Rooms:  Pure And Easy
Gil Scott-Heron:  Storm Music
Cymande:  Listen
The Lions:  Think (About It)
Butch Cassidy Sound System:  Brothers And Sisters
The Cactus Channel:  Wooden Boy, Pt. 1
Menahan Street Band:  Three Faces
The Vanduras:  Sarajevo Rose
The Waitiki 7:  When First I Love
De Phazz:  Foul & Miss
Club Des Belugas:  Moon Lagoon
Tosca:  Naschkatze
Sounds From The Ground:  Distant Shores
Soel:  The Way U R
Boozoo Bajou:  Under My Sensi (Thievery Corporation Remix)
Baby Mammoth:  Pink Elephants (Live)
Khruangbin:  Rules
Bootsy Collins:  Heaven Yes
Marta Ren & The Groovelvets:  Let's Talk About The Kids
The Shaolin Afronauts:  Follow The Path
Gizelle Smith:  Dust
All Good Funk Alliance:  Time To Get Loose (Instrumental)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Toads Of The Short Forest
Frank Zappa:  Transylvania Boogie
Wagon Christ:  Saddic Gladdic
Xploding Plastix:  Tintinnamputation
Mo' Horizons:  Ai Mi Morena (Club Des Belugas Remix)
Bahama Soul Club:  Casino De Capri
Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds:  Paz Y Alegria
Bajofondo Tango Club:  Rendezvous
The Bonzo Dog Band:  Postcard
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band:  Tropical Hot Dog Night
Neil Innes:  Feel No Pain
Lemon:  Won't You Join Me For A Drink?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Set List for May 21, 2018

De Phazz:  I Smell A Rat
Bonobo feat. Bajka:  Walk In The Sky
Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra:  One In A Million
Quantic feat. Alice Russell:  Sweet Calling
The Headhunters:  Slick It
The Mackrosoft:  The Mighty Luconchu
The Herbaliser:  Stranded On Earth
Jenova 7 & Eddie Shinn:  Flying Cabs
Jorge Ben:  Ponta de Lanca (Umbabarauma)
Gilberto Gil:  So Quero Um Xodo
Trio Mocoto:  Que Nega e Essa
Cyz:  Que Zomba
RJD2:  The Sheboygan Left
Fila Brazillia:  Motown Coppers
Flevans:  The Sound That Man Made
Mr. Scruff:  Ug
Chicago Afrobeat Project feat. Tony Allen & Oranmiyan:  Must Come Down
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra:  En Sursis
The Lijadu Sisters:  Orere Elejigbo
Brenda Fassie:  Kuyoze Kuyovalwa
Empresarios:  Encanto
Deela:  Azua Azua
The Latin Blues Band feat. Luis Aviles:  Take A Trip
Ozomatli feat. A.B. Quintanilla III & Kumbia Kings:  Mi Gente
Ruben Ayala, Dusty Hendrix, Jeffrey W. Wade,  Michael Tinglin:  Dias Mejores
Frank Zappa:  Why Johnny Can't Read
Frank Zappa:  Apostrophe
Steve Cropper & Felix Cavaliere:  Cuttin' It Close
Soulive:  Evidence
Stevie Wonder:  Superstition
Thunderball:  Vai Vai
Puddu Varano:  Running With The Devil
Boozoo Bajou:  9 Below Zero
United Future Organization:  Fool's Paradise
Ursula 1000:  Jackie Go!
Tape Five:  Burn The City
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno feat. Christopher Willis:  1000 Watts

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Set List for May 14, 2018

Khruangbin:  Evan Finds The Third Room
Khun Narin:  Phom Rak Mueang Thai
Dengue Fever:  Tokay
Shawn Lee feat. Clutchy Hopkins & Chhom Nimol:  Ghost In The Rain
Banda Magda:  Karotseri
Bajka:  Manolo
Bonobo feat. Erykah Badu:  Heaven For The Sinner
Buscemi feat. Bobbi Suzuki:  Today
Nightmares On Wax:  On It Maestro
Charlie Hunter:  Latin For Travelers
The Cheebacabra:  The Annunciation
Inf:  Kafka
Connie Price & The Keystones:  Sucker Punch
The New Mastersounds:  So Many Pies
The Haggis Horns feat. John McCallum:  The Long Way
Diplomats Of Solid Sound:  Mobley Turnaround
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo:  Lion Is Burning
Ebo Taylor:  Kruman Dey
The Souljazz Orchestra:  Mamaya
Cos-Ber-Zam:  Ne Noya
Widehive Players feat. Larry Coryell:  Sworn Statement
Tosca:  Ocean Beat
Thievery Corporation:  Vivid
Slide Five feat. Aiko Reibo:  Streamline
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators:  Vulture's Prayer
Frank Zappa:  Black Beauty
Frank Zappa:  That Ol' G Minor Thing Again
Frank Zappa:  Heavy Duty Judy
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  The Uncle Meat Variations
Grupo Fantasma:  Levantate
Louie Ramirez feat. Johnny Rodriguez & Angel Rene Orchestra:  A & J Descarga
Quantic Soul Orchestra:  Tropidelico
Ondatropica:  Remando
Fleetwood Mac:  Without You
Eric Krasno & Alecia Chakour:  Wicked This Way
The Budos Band:  Budos Rising
Mo' Horizons:  Gonna Be (Ben Human Remix)

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Set List for May 7, 2018

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Lagos Calling
David Nesselhauf:  Come
The Whitefield Brothers:  In The Raw
1 Giant Leap feat. Speech, Neneh Cherry & Ulali:  Braided Hair
Redtenbacher's Funkestra feat. Jim Hunt:  Tricknologists
Monophonics:  Promises
Dr. Rubberfunk feat. Sitzka:  It's Not Clear
Diesler feat. Stee Downes:  Change-Trust
De Phazz:  Cafe Coca
The Dining Rooms:  Pure And Easy
Club Des Belugas:  Seven Chills
DJ Drez & Marty Williams:  Maleah
Nickodemus:  Bailamos En El Junque
Brownout:  Olvidalo
Empresarios:  Cayuco
Los Hacheros:  Azucar
Mondo Grosso feat. Aina The End:  False Sympathy
Nightmares On Wax feat. Lsk:  Tomorrow
ProleteR:  Back Home
Quantic Presents The Western Transient:  A New Constellation
Ursula 1000:  Mambo 1000
Public Service Broadcasting:  The Now Generation
Stanley Clarke:  Rock 'n' Roll Jelly
Thunderball feat. Mustafa Akbar:  I C Colors
Frank Zappa:  The Old Curiosity Shoppe
Frank Zappa:  Damp Ankles
Hidden Orchestra:  The Windfall
Beats Antique:  The Porch
Gil Scott-Heron:  Inner City Blues
Outlaw:  Kickin' Jazz
Forro In The Dark:  Forrowest
Bobby Hughes Experience:  Jomfrun
Bonobo:  We Could Forever
Fila Brazillia:  Blowhole
Flevans:  Hold No Water
Galactic:  Witch Doctor

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Set List for April 30, 2018

Hailu Mergia:  Belew Beduby
Feqadu Amde-Mesqel:  Asmarina
Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics:  Nava
Brenda Fassie:  Vuli Ndela
Palm Skin Productions:  Spock With A Beard
United Future Organization:  Loud Minority (Club Mix)
DJ Pulse And The Jazz Cartel:  Street Player
Jet Set Swe:  The Man From Thrush
Organic Grooves:  Banal Reality
Bobby "Blue" Bland:  Stormy Monday Blues
Candido:  Serenade To A Savage
Ike Turner:  Jazzy Fuzzy
RJD2:  The Glow
Nujabes:  Psychological Counterpoint
New Legends:  Sole Food
Mr. Scruff:  Fish
Los Mocosos:  Bandolera Era
Quantic feat. Nidia Gongora:  La Plata (Live)
Bahama Soul Club feat. Sexto Sentido:  Tropicana Flight
Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds:  Divinorum
Bootsy Collins feat. Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Manou Gallo, Alissia Beneveniste & World-
  Wide-Funkdrive:  Bass-Rigged System
Chicago Afrobeat Project feat. Tony Allen, Akenya & Isaiah Oby:  Bee Hive
The Shaolin Afronauts:  Fe
Diazpora:  2 Much Effort
Frank Zappa:  Duke Of Ochestral Prunes
Frank Zappa:  Canarsie
Recondite:  Grove
Organic Grooves:  Homage To New York
Nomo:  If You Want
The Mackrosoft:  Shirts And Skins
Lack Of Afro:  International
Nickodemus feat. Kwasi:  Just Move!
The Jimi Hendrix Experience:  Bold As Love
Quantic Soul Orchestra feat. Kabir:  Who Knows
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Mystery Train
The Neville Brothers:  Healing Chant

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Set List for April 23, 2018

Bootsy Collins feat. Kali Uchis:  Worth My While
Gizelle Smith:  Love Song
Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra:  Haunted By The Devil
My Trippin' Mojo:  One For Sue
Kraak & Smaak:  Fairy Falling
Lack Of Afro feat. Elliott Cole:  Now I Feel Good
Marta Ren & The Groovelvets:  2 Kinds Of Men
Mocean Worker:  Now That's What I'm Talkin' Bout
Novalima:  Se Me Van
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro:  Mambo Los Quantic
Ursula 1000:  Cafecito
Midnight Groovers:  O Ti Yo
Public Service Broadcasting feat. Smoke Fairies:  Valentina
Lemongrass feat. Jane Maximova:  Riddle
Khruangbin:  Lady And Man
Mondo Grosso feat. Rhyme:  Kemuri (Retune)
Lettuce:  Jack Flask
The Mackrosoft:  ZZ Top
The Pimps Of Joytime:  Funky Brooklyn
Skeewiff:  Get Down To The Pumped Up Funk
Soel:  The Way U R
St. Germain:  Forget Me Not
Brooklyn Funk Essentials:  Take The L Train (To 8 Ave.)
Charlie Hunter:  Leave Him Lay
Frank Zappa:  Transylvania Boogie
Frank Zappa:  Republicans
Wagon Christ:  Musical Box
Garage A Trois:  GAT Swamba
Mulato Beat:  Arcos Da Lapa
Abel Lima:  Farmacia
Carlinhos Brown:  A Namorada
Jazzelicious:  Fantastico
Indigo Jam Unit:  Monkey Trick
JoJo Effect:  Moods
De Phazz:  Soulflakes
Pit Baumgartner:  Virgin Forest