Sunday, September 17, 2017

Set List for September 18, 2017

Ursula 1000 feat. Basement Freaks:  Saturday Boogie
Mondo Grosso feat. Kick A Show:  See You Again
Esperanza Spalding:  Funk The Fear
Buscemi:  Happy Feat
The Souljazz Orchestra:  Kingdom Come
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra:  La Traque
The Lafayette Afro Rock Band:  Soul Makossa
The Lions:  Jungle Struttin'
Mocean Worker:  Out There In The Random
Henri-Pierre Noel:  Proud To Be
The Soul Immigrants:  Sunday Drive
CSC Funk Band:  You Say
Quantic & Nidia Gongora:  Muevelo Negro (Edit)
Ondatropica:  Bogota
Bahama Soul Club feat. Arema Arega:  Rumba Fugaz
Grupo Fantasma:  Mulato
Gil Scott-Heron:  Grandma's Hands
United Future Organization:  Make It Better
Puddu Varano:  Running With The Devil
Truby Trio:  Satisfaction
Frank Zappa:  Muffin Man (Live)
Frank Zappa:  Ship Ahoy
Cujo:  Mars Brothers
Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin:  Turtle Rock
Public Service Broadcasting feat. James Dean Bradfield:  Turn No More
Widehive Players feat. Barry Finnerty:  Call To Retreat
Tommy Guerrero:  The Last Maverick
Eric Krasno:  On The Rise
King Tuff:  Sun Medallion
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings:  Make It Good To Me
My Trippin' Mojo:  Unconditional Love
Nick Pride & The Pimptones:  Gotta Leave The Lady Alone
Uptown Funk Empire feat. Noel Mc Koy:  Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Boozoo Bajou:  9 Below Zero
Brooklyn Funk Essentials:  Brooklyn Recycles
The Cactus Channel:  Wooden Boy Pt. 1

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Set List for September 11, 2017

Bahama Soul Club feat. Sexto Sentido:  Tropicana Flight
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra:  Happiness Samba
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno:  Alegria En Bella Vista
Quantic & Nidia Gongora:  Ojos Vicheros
Cookin' On 3 Burners:  Lone Wolfe
The New Mastersounds:  Joy
Monophonics:  Promises
Lettuce:  Outta Here
The Bombay Royale:  The Island Of Dr. Electrico
International Velvet:  Baby Shiva
The Fort Knox Five:  Bhangra Paanch
Chris Joss:  Charmer
The Cheebacabra:  The Annunciation
Aja West & Friends:  The Getaway
Air:  Sexy Boy
The Claypool Lennon Delirium:  Oxycontin Girl
Club Des Belugas:  Some Like It Hot
De Phazz:  Rise And Shine
Don Tiki:  Polyamore
The Waitiki 7:  Firecracker
Public Service Broadcasting:  People Will Always Need Coal
Ron Wood And Ronnie Lane:  Car Radio
Neil Innes:  Feel No Shame
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole:  Party Animal
Pit Baumgartner:  Rounded By A Dream
Frank Zappa:  It Must Be A Camel
Frank Zappa:  It Ain't Necessarily The Saint James Infirmiry
Wagon Christ:  Nighty Night
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band:  Safe As Milk
Lack Of Afro:  Coco
Blue States:  Elios Therepia
Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana:  The Keeper
Flevans feat. Kylie Auldist:  Easy Go
Fila Brazillia:  Here Comes Pissy Willy
Garage A Trois:  Outre Mer
Gramatik:  Make You Better
Jeff Lorber Fusion:  Singaraja

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Set List for September 4, 2017

Lack Of Afro:  Special Baby
David Nesselhauf:  The Routine
Bonobo feat. Nicole Miglis:  Surface
My Trippin' Mojo:  Countdown
Mondo Grosso feat. Hikari Mitsushima:  Labyrinth
Pizzicato Five:  World Is Spinning At 45 RPM
United Future Orgianization:  Mistress Of Dance
Sadistic Mika Band:  In Deep Hurt
Public Service Broadcasting:  The Pit
Savages:  Lookin' For You
Charlie Hunter:  Leave Him Lay
BADBADNOTGOOD:  Speaking Gently
Quantic & Nidia Gongora:  Dub Del Pacifico (Edit)
Buyepongo:  Vamos A Gozar
Los Hacheros:  Pintate
Sidestepper:  Magangue
Beats Antique:  Sideswipe
The Budos Band:  Burnt Offering
Calibro 35:  The Package
The Daktaris:  Upside Down
Carlinhos Brown:  O Bode
Mulato Beat:  Com Graca
Forro In The Dark:  Forrowest
Pedrinho:  Nanda
Os Mutantes:  Querida Querida
Shuggie Otis:  Aht Uh Mi Hed
Eric Krasno & Derek Trucks:  Curse Lifter
Ocote Soul Sounds And Adrian Quesada:   Gunpowder
Nujabes:  The Space Between Two Worlds
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  The Uncle Meat Variations
Frank Zappa:  Treacherous Cretins
Amon Tobin:  Like Regular Chickens
The Mackrosoft:  Quiet Encephalitics
Xploding Plastix:  Errata
The Dining Rooms:  Io Cammino Ma...
De Phazz:  Soulflakes
Beastie Boys:  Drinkin' Wine

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Set List for August 28, 2017

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra:  TNT
Ivan Iacobucci:  Pria Negra (Original Mix)
Hailu Mergia:  Belew Beduby
Angelique Kidjo:  We-we
Adrian Younge:  1969 Organ
Nujabes feat. Uyama Hirota:  Next View
Ocote Soul Sounds And Adrian Quesada:  The Alchemist Manifesto
Tommy Guerrero:  Archaic Days
Rosalia De Souza:  Ondina
Fernanda Porto:  De Costas Pro Mundo
Joyce:  Aldeia De Ogum
Riolistic feat. Leyla Brasil:  Uma Saudade
Karsh Kale:  Be Like Water
MIDIval Punditz:  Rushing
Mungal & Nitin Sahwney:  Awake
International Velvet:  Sitargazer
Joe Bataan:  Chevere Que Chevere
Lucia De La Cruz:  Toro Mata
Empersarios:  Encanto
The Tao Of Groove:  Cha Cha Cha 57 (Jazzelicious Remix)
Queens Community Show Band:  Ghetto Funk
Cookin' On 3 Burners:  Heavy Lenny
Organissimo:  Randiculous
The New Mastersounds:  Just Gotta Run
Frank Zappa:  Rat Tomago
Frank Zappa:  Black Beauty
Palm Skin Productions:  Osaka
RJD2:  Behold, Numbers!
Shawn Lee:  Head Up
Diesler feat. Stee Downes:  Change-Trust
Lettuce:  Jack Flask
The Whitefield Brothers:  In The Raw
Vivian Stanshall:  Redeye
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band:  Tropical Hot Dog Night
Neil Innes:  Amoeba Boogie
The Claypool Lennon Delirium:  Mr. Wright

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Set List for August 21, 2017

Diazpora:  Give A Little Prayer
Shawn Lee:  Hip Hop Harpe
Blundetto feat. Akale Horns:  Crowded Places
The Olympians:  Neptune
Ondatropica:  Campesino
Buyepongo:  Cumbia Pa Lali
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra:  The Cuban Jazz Song
Sugar Ice Tea:  Palo Bonito
Spy From Cairo:  Intadub
The Lions:  Lankershim Dub
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole:  Hipalong Hop
Mr. Scruff:  Ug
Cookin' On 3 Burners feat. Stella Angelico:  Sweet Talker
Diplomats Of Solid Sound:  No Man
Uptown Funk Empire feat. Ange:  Celestial Blues
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings:  Make It Good To Me
De Phazz:  Hero Dead And Gone (Radio Swing Mix)
Thunderball feat. Zeebo:  Dub Science
Nickodemus feat. Kwasi:  Just Move!
DJ Drez & Marty Williams:  Reason For Funk
United Future Organization:  Dice For A Chance
Ursula 1000:  Slinky
Nicola Conte & Rosalia De Souza:  Bossa 31
Club Des Belugas:  Hip Hip Chin Chin (Schizoid Sista Remix)
Skeewiff:  Mexican Flyer
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Eat That Question
Frank Zappa:  Lather
Gramatik:  Portorose In July
Hidden Orchestra:  The Windfall
Italian Secret Service:  Ceccarelli's Ice Cream
Montefiori Cocktail:  Shampoo
Barrio Jazz Gang:  Take Yr Freedom Back
The Dining Rooms:  Forever's Not
Boozoo Bajou:  Lava
Trio Eletrico:  Wandance Paris
The Herbaliser feat. Hannah Clive:  The Lost Boy
The Mackrosoft:  Shirts And Skins

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Set List for August 14, 2017

Karmix:  Sabhyata
Beats Antique:  The Allure
Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics:  Pari Ruu
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee:  Water Lotus
Skeewiff:  Sing It To Me One More Time Baby
Fort Knox Five feat. Mustafa Akbar:  Whatcha Gonna Do
Dr. Rubberfunk feat. John Turrell:  Northern Comfort (Slynx Remix)
Garage A Trois:  Hard Headed Rio AKA Rio Cuca Dura
Tape Five:  Burn The City
De Phazz:  Kraut 2016
My Trippin' Mojo:  Do Me A Favor
Audiogold:  You And I (Club Des Belugas Extended Remix)
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno:  Mi Chocolatina
Sidestepper:  Fuego Que Te Llama
Bahama Soul Club:  Casino De Capri
Ondatropica:  Hummingbird
RJD2:  The Sheboygan Left
Savages:  Strictly Smooth Sunday
E feat. Ishtar:  The Turning Point
Eric Krasno:  When The Day Comes
Elisio Gomes:  Chuma Lopes
Mulato Beat:  Com Graca
Electro Coco:  Arte De Criacao (The Tao Of Groove Remix)
DJ Rain:  Mi Vida Samba (Solid State Saints Remix)
Frank Zappa:  Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Holiday In Berlin, Full-Blown
Wagon Christ:  Fly Swat
Cujo:  Break Charmer
Chinese Man:  Racing With The Sun
David Nesselhauf:  The Routine
Bonobo:  7th Sevens
Esperanza Spalding:  Judas
Nick Pride & The Pimptones:  Gotta Leave The Lady Alone
Alice Russell:  Hurry On Now
Bajka:  The Barrister's Dream

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Set List for August 7, 2017
Full Moon Anniversary Show

Boozoo Bajou feat. Wayne Martin:  Camioux
Little Axe:  Midnight Dream
Ike Turner:  Senor Blues
Trio Eletrico:  Goo
Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band:  Worry Beads
Yellow Magic Orchestra:  Kai-Koh
Sadistic Mika Band:  Black Ship
Live Tropical Fish:  Time Is Moving
Richard "Groove" Holmes:  Groovin' For Mr. G
Patch Work:  C.O.C.A.N.
Lemongrass:  Little Alien
Speedy Consuela:  On Our Way
Liftoff:  Kool It Man
Steve Cropper & Felix Cavaliere:  Full Moon Tonight
The Mackrosoft:  The Moon Wink
Thunderball feat. Rootz:  Moon On The Rise
Nickodemus feat. The Real Live Show:  Moon People
The Herbaliser:  Moon Sequence
Public Service Broadcasting:  The Other Side (Maps Remix)
The Mackrosoft:  2nd Mack On The Moon
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins:  Full Moon
Soulstance:  Eclipse
Don Tiki:  The Other Side Of The Moon
ProleteR:  Soul Key (Cuts By DJ Crabees)
De Phazz:  Something Special
Club Des Belugas:  Some Like It Hot
Mo' Horizons:  African Sunset
Empresarios:  Siesta
Orquesta Del Plata:  Montserrat
Ondetropica:  De Mar A Mar
Campo feat. Veronica Loza:  Naranjo En Flor
Frank Zappa:  That's Not Really A Shuffle
Frank Zappa:  Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Some More