Monday, December 5, 2016

Set List for December 5, 2016

RJD2:  Pf, Day One
Bobby Hughes Combination:  Nhu Beginin
De Phazz:  Timeless Times
Banda Magda:  Fond De La Mer
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee:  Little Sunrise
Chinese Man:  Pandi Groove
Garage A Trois:  Needles
The Herbaliser:  Amores Bongo
Grupo Fantasma:  Arroz Con Frijoles
Empresarios feat. Salsaley Orquesta:  Salsoul
Boozoo Bajou:  Satta
The Cheebacabra:  Levitan's Eye
DJ Drez & Marty Williams:  Reason For Funk
Gramatik:  Late Night Jazz
Frank Zappa:  Watermelon In Easter Hay
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Larry Coryell w/Widehive Players:  Honey Dijon
Lefties Soul Connection:  Bam Bam
Montefiori Cocktail:  Mucho Gusto
Barrio Jazz Gang:  Take Yr Freedom Back
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band:  Queen Of Cheeba
Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin:  Gourds Of The Desert
Public Service Broadcasting:  The Now Generation
Ursula 1000:  Funky Bikini
ProleteR:  A Million Dollar
Pit Baumgartner & Joo Kraus:  I Sing
Palm Skin Productions:  Kitty's Adventures In Meat
Amon Tobin:  Kitty Cat
Recondite:  Grove
Shigeto:  Ritual Howl
Thievery Corporation:  Fragments
United Future Organization:  Cosmic Gypsy
The Waitiki 7:  Firecracker
Sadistic Mika Band:  Picnic Boogie
Stevie Wonder:  Superstition
Sugarman Three:  Country Girl
My Trippin' Mojo:  Make 'Em Pass
Bajka:  The Hunting

Monday, November 28, 2016

Set List for November 28, 2016

Fort Knox Five feat. Jah Kamozi:  Once Again
Fort Knox Five:  The Big Score
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings:  Make It Good To Me
Lee Fields, Sugarman & Co.:  Stand Up
Speedy Consuela:  Sukka Suited
International Velvet:  Sundown
Liftoff:  Autumn
Speedy Consuela:  Number One Fan
Ohm Guru:  Tokio Station
Brother Jack McDuff:  Hunk O' Funk
2 Men 4 Soul:  Spread Your Sax
Richard "Groove" Holmes:  Groovin' For Mr. G
Willie Jitterbug Webb:  You Got To Do It Right
Spirit Level:  Solar Funk
Rhythm Level:  Waiting For The Sun
The Greyboy Allstars:  Jungle Strut
Ping Pong feat. Kelly Huff:  Be-Bop Props
Mock Quintet feat. Danny Cao:  Bolsa De Perrito
Madlib (Bobbi Humphrey): Young Warrior
Funk Inc. feat. Eugene Barr:  Give Me Your Love
DJ Mehdi (Wayne Shorter):  Footprints
DJ Rodriguez:  Bitches & Friends
Jet Set Swe:  The Man From THRUSH
Org Lounge feat. Sister Tone:  Amon Dur
Naoki Kenji:  Kix Departure
South Froggies:  Derriere Moi
Le D:  King Cobra
Mizter Koffy:  Organ Vibe (Mushroom Mix)
Zigo:  Voodoo
Club Des Belugas:  It Don't Mean A Thing
Norah Jones w/Wax Poetics:  Angels
Tape Five:  Cats Walk Underground
Camiel:  Eighty-Eight
The Soul Immigrants:  Sunday Drive
Quantic:  Fresh Rhythm
USB & Ric:  Afternoon Blues
Delmar & Carla:  Funky Disco Boogie

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Set List for November 21, 2016

Bahama Soul Club feat. Sexto Sentido:  Meyer-Lansky
De Phazz:  Cafe Coca
The Cosmic Surf Club:  Quiet Dawn (Club Des Belugas Remix)
Lemongrass:  Flot D'Amour
Henri-Pierre Noel:  Ianvanoo
Jimi Tenor:  Downtown
Mo' Horizons:  Touch Of Hope
Nujabes:  Imaginary Folklore
Nickodemus feat. The Candela Allstars:  The Nuyorican Express
Quantic & Nickodemus:  Puerto Rico Pa Gozar
Ondatropica:  Donde Suena El Bombo
Bio Ritmo:  Vercuenza
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Holiday In Berlin, Full-Blown
Frank Zappa:  Lather
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole:  This Stuff Is Fresh
Fila Brazillia:  Heil Mickey
Gramatik:  DreamBIG
Tosca feat. Anna Clementi:  Oscar
The Herbaliser:  Worldwide Connected
The Cactus Channel:  Laika
Nkansah And Yaanom:  Pem Dwe
Mulatu Astatke:  Sabye
Soel:  Prelude
Hailu Mergia:  Wegene
Habib Koite:  Baro
Kyoto Jazz Massive (Eddie Henderson):  Kudu
Dynamic 4:  I Should Forget
Zimpala:  Do You Bop
Martine Girault:  Revival (Rebirth Edit)
Beats Antique:  Sideswipe
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee:  East
International Velvet:  Baby Shiva
Fort Knox Five:  Bhangra Paanch
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra:  La Traque

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Set List for November 14, 2016
Supermoon Set

Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra:  The Cuban Jazz Song
De Vibroluxe:  Latininfinity
The Crusaders:  Agua Dulce
Mongo Santamaria:  Cu-Bop Alert
Public Service Broadcasting:  The Other Side
Jenova 7 & Eddie Chinn:  Moon Dance
The Dining Rooms:  Destination Moon (Parov Stelar Remix)
The Herbaliser:  Moon Sequence
The Mackrosoft:  2nd Mack On The Moon
Club Des Belugas:  Moon Lagoon
Bahama Soul Club:  Under The Mojito Moon
Brent Lewis:  Journey To Junglemoon
Nickodemus feat. The Real Live Show:  Moon People
Frank Zappa:  Goa
Frank Zappa:  It Must Be A Camel
Amon Tobin:  Toys
Bonobo:  Noctuary
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra:  Shaman
1 Giant Leap feat. Mahotella Queens & Ulali:  Ma' Africa
Monomono:  Tire Loma De Nigbehin
Arthur:  Oyi Oyi
My Trippin' Mojo:  My World
Nick Pride & The Pimptones:  Good Day
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings:  Make It Good To Me
Shuggie Otis:  If You'd Be Mine
Beats Antique feat. Too Many Zooz:  The Block
Esperanza Spalding:  Funk The Fear
Chris Joss:  The Gnomes
The Cheebacabra:  Pass The Information
Boozoo Bajou feat. Ben Weaver:  Way Down
Tangle Eye:  Parchman Blues
St. Germain:  Real Blues
Soel:  To This World

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Set List for November 7, 2016

Savages:  The Blow
Boozoo Bajou:  Yoruba Road
David Nesselhauf:  Come
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Jawbreaker
Beats Antique:  Semblance
Kaleidoscope Jukebox:  Eternal Embrace
Karsh Kale:  Be Like Water
Spy From Cairo:  Egyptian Pulse
Club Des Belugas:  Hip Hip Chin Chin (Schizoid Sista Remix)
Bahama Soul Club:  But Rich Rhythms (Club Des Belugas Remix)
Nomo:  Divisions
Four80East:  Shot In The Dark
Frank Zappa:  It Ain't Necessarily The Saint James Infirmary
Frank Zappa:  Buffalo Voice
Fila Brazillia:  Monk's Utterance
Blue States:  Bare Bones
Henri-Pierre Noel:  Back Home...Sweet Home
Mocean Worker:  Soul Swing
Redtenbacher's Funkestra feat. Eric Krasno:  Crankmaster General
Nick Pride & The Pimptones:  Nothing But The Good Times
United Future Organization:  Magic Wand Of Love
My Trippin' Mojo:  Unconditional Love
The New Mastersounds feat. Corrine Bailey Rae:  Your Love Is Mine
Thunderball feat. Miss Johnna M:  Runaway
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs:  No Era Para Vos
Ocote Soul Sounds:  La Reja
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro:  Undelivered Letter
Sidestepper:  Lover
Public Service Broadcasting:  Go!
Lotus:  Suitcases
Patch Work:  C.O.C.A.N.
Bonobo:  Flashlight
Mojo Rising:  Brown Cow

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Set List for October 31, 2016
Halloween Night

Donovan:  Season Of The Witch
The Herbaliser feat. Seaming To:  Something Wicked
RJD2:  2 More Dead
Calibro 35:  A Massacre At Dawn
Clutchy Hopkins:  Song for Wolfie
Club Des Belugas:  Seven Chills
De Phazz & The Radio Big Band Frankfurt:  Death By Chocolate
Les Baxter:  Voodoo Dream-Voodoo
Connie Price & The Keystones:  The Buzzard
The Lafayette Afro Rock Band:  Dr. Beezar "Soul Frankenstein" (Version)
Lettuce:  Ghost Of Jupiter
The Mackrosoft:  Quiet Encephalitics
Frank Zappa:  Transylvania Boogie
Frank Zappa:  Sinister Footwear II
Frank Zappa:  Spider Of Destiny
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  King Kong VI. . .The Underwood Ramifications
Deadly Avenger:  Punisher
Garage A Trois:  Assault On Precinct 13
Beat Funktion:  Chimera
Nightmares On Wax:  Eye (Can't See)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Funeral March
Bobby "Boris" Pickett:  The Monster Mash
Quantic:  Snakes In The Grass
Eric Krasno feat. Alecia Chakour:  Wicked This Way
The Dining Rooms:  Fluxus
Thievery Corporation:  Web Of Deception
Bobby Hughes Experience:  Seasons
Trio Eletrico:  Creeper Lane
Dr. John:  Bruha Bembe
Vivian Stanshall:  Strange Tongues
Wagon Christ:  Memory Towel
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band:  I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
The Bonzo Dog Band:  Death Cab For Cutie

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Set List for October 24, 2016

Brenda Boykin:  Hard Swing Travellin' Man (Club Des Belugas Remix)
Betty Davis:  You Won't See Me In The Morning
Quantic feat. Spanky Wilson:  Don't Joke With A Hungry Man
Chaka Khan:  I Feel For You feat. Grandmaster Melle Mel & Stevie Wonder
Savages feat DRS:  Turtle Dance
The Mackrosoft:  If It Bleeds
The Dining Rooms:  Afrolicious
Eric Krasno:  On The Rise
Lemongrass:  I'm Stellar
Baby Mammoth:  Perfect World
A Forest Mighty Black:  Tides
Blue States:  Daystar
Frank Zappa:  Black Napkins
Frank Zappa:  Pink Napkins
Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls:  Rainy Day Dog
Charlie Hunter:  Everybody has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth
Soel:  Black Women
St. Germain:  Mary L.
1 Giant Leap feat. Mako Black:  Ta Moko
De Phazz:  Lullaby
Bronx River Parkway:  Me Toca
Mo' Horizons:  Ai Mi Morena (Club Des Belugas Remix)
Bajofondo Tango Club:  Pide Piso
Sono Rhizmo:  Mambocito Mio
United Future Organization:  Picaresque Eye
Ursula 1000:  Smokebomb
Hacienda:  Late Lounge Lover
Balanco:  Theme From Cocktail Nova
Vivian Stanshall:  Everyday I Have The Blows
Neil Innes:  Feel No Shame
Skeewiff:  Cheeky Chicken
Mondo Grosso:  Tree, Air And Rain On Earth
Ambrosia:  A Reminiscent Drive