Sunday, November 19, 2017

Set List for November 20, 2017

Quantic & Nidia Gongora:  Ojos Vicheros
Ondatropica:  Hummingbird
Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds:  Paz Y Alegria
Buyepongo:  Cumbia Pa Lali
Boozoo Bajou:  Lava
The Cheebacabra:  Looking For My Brother
David Nesselhauf:  Passport Check
DJ Drez & Marty Williams:  The Big Package
Dr. Rubberfunk:  Live Wired
Chris Joss:  Rain City 1
Kind & Kinky Zoo:  La Jupe Volante
Lack Of Afro:  Rhythm Come Forward
RJD2:  Don't Get Played (Instrumental)
The Lafayette Afro Rock Band:  Heels & Soles
Chicago Afrobeat Project feat. Tony Allen & Oranmiyan:  Must Come Down
Cymande:  Bird
Hailu Mergia:  Wegene
Indigo Jam Unit:  Monkey Trick
The Jeff Lorber Fusion:  Step It Up
Larry Coryell with Widehive Players:  Return Of Shirtless
Mr. Scruff:  Spandex Man
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  The Uncle Meat Variations
Frank Zappa:  Black Beauty
Fila Brazillia:  Uberboff
Wagon Christ:  Piano Playa Hata
Sadistic Mika Band:  Time Machine
Ursula 1000:  Boogaloop
De Phazz:  Funk Desaster
The Mackrosoft:  If It Bleeds
Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra:  Together We Climb
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings:  Girl! (You Got To Forgive Him)
Baby Charles:  Invisible
Diplomats Of Solid Sound:  No Man
Sabo & Zeb:  Rise Again
Global Noize feat. DJ Logic & Jason Miles:  Pool Of Honey
Garage A Trois:  Outre Mer
Don Tiki:  Pajama Tops

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Set List for November 13, 2017

Kind & Kinky Zoo:  Kinky Regards
The New Mastersounds:  MRG
Tony Allen:  Wolf Eats Wolf
Aja West & Friends:  The Getaway
Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana:  The Keeper
Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra:  Haunted By The Devil
Johnny Otis Show feat. Barbara Morrison:  Hey Boy! I Want You
Speedy Consuela:  On Our Way
Gerardo Frisina:  Open Up Your Mind
Chateau Flight:  Camping Jazz
Montefiori Cocktail:  Mucho Gusto
Soulstance:  Cool Plan
Mojo Rising & Jenova 7:  Lullaby On Mars
Spy From Cairo:  Alladin Dub
Beats Antique:  Revival
The Fort Knox Five:  Bhangra Paanch
The Bombay Royale:  Tere Bina
Ursula 1000:  Cafecito
Bahama Soul Club feat. Sexto Sentido:  Meyer-Lansky
Empresarios feat. Salsaley Orquesta:  Salsoul
Quantic feat. Anibal Velasquez:  La Callejera
Chicago Afrobeat Project feat. Tony Allen, Akenya & Isaiah Oby:  Bee Hive
The Headhunters:  Congo Place
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra:  Complot
The Lijadu Sisters:  Orere Elejigbo
Frank Zappa:  Rdnzl
Frank Zappa:  Things That Look Like Meat
Jimi Tenor:  Tesla
Amon Tobin:  The Nasty
Anders Osborne & Monk Boudreaux:  Junko Partner
Coco Robicheaux:  Walking With The Spirit
Dr. John:  Dis, Dat Or D'Udda
Kermit Ruffins:  Struttin' With Some Barbecue
Lack Of Afro:  Coco
De Phazz:  What's Behind?
Club Des Belugas:  Moon Lagoon
Nicola Conte & Rosalia De Souza:  Bossa 31

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Set List for November 6, 2017

Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra:  One In A Million
Lack Of Afro feat. Emma Noble:  Fires Glow
Gemma & The Travellers:  Please Don't Forget My Name
My Trippin' Mojo:  Countdown
Jenova 7 & Eddie Shinn:  Flying Cabs
Diazpora:  Numbers
David Nesselhauf:  The Routine
E feat. Ishtar:  The Turning Point
De Phazz:  Soulflakes
Tape Five:  Topanga Valley
Tony Allen:  Cool Cats
Bahama Soul Club:  Casino De Capri
Ondatropica:  Campesino
Bajofondo Tango Club:  Cuesta Arriba
Buyepongo:  Gorditas
Campo:  El Sonido De La Milonga
The Cactus Channel:  How Did This Happen?
The Budos Band:  Aphasia
Calibro 35:  Almost Human
Deadly Avenger:  The Wraith
The Dining Rooms:  Il Girotondo Dei Grandi
Fila Brazillia:  Here Comes Pissy Willy
Chinese Man:  Indi Groove
Gramatik:  Late Night Jazz
RJD2:  Hold On, Here It Go (Instrumental)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Mr. Green Genes
Frank Zappa:  Son Of Mr. Green Genes
Garage A Trois:  Thumb
Wagon Christ:  Saddic Gladdic
1 Giant Leap feat. Grant Lee Phillips & Horace Andy:  Racing Away
Chicago Afrobeat Project feat. Tony Allen & JC Brooks:  Sunday Song
Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics:  Charhargah
Ashanti Afrika Jah:  Onyame
Beats Antique:  Silhouette
The Bombay Royale:  The Island Of Dr. Electrico
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee:  Water Lotus
Bonobo:  Kerala

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Set List for October 30, 2017
Halloween Eve

E. Power Biggs (Johann Sebastian Bach:  Toccata And Fugue In D Minor
Bobby "Boris" Picket & The Crypt-Kickers:  Monster Mash
Sheb Wooley:  Purple People Eater
David Seville:  Witch Doctor
The Five Blobs:  The Blob
Ray Parker Jr.:  Ghostbusters
Blue Oyster Cult:  (Don't Fear) The Reaper
The Edgar Winter Group:  Frankenstein
INXS:  Devil Inside
Santana:  Evil Ways
Warren Zevon:  Werewolves Of London
The Who:  Boris The Spider
The Tubes:  Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman
Stevie Wonder:  Superstition
Bill Mitchell, Michelle Weeks, Tichina Arnold & Tisha Campbell:  Prologue (Little Shop Of Horrors)
Levi Stubbs, Michelle Weeks, Tichina Arnold & Tisha Campbell:  Feed Me (Git It)
The Crystals:  The Frankenstein Twist
Screamin' Jay Hawkins:  I Put A Spell On You
Little Nell, Patricia Quinn, & Richard O'Brien:  Time Warp
Michael Jackson:  Thriller
Ursula 1000:  Graveyard Stomp
RJD2:  The Horror
The Herbaliser:  March Of The Dead Things
Eric Krasno & Alecia Chakour:  Wicked This Way
Roky Erickson:  Stand For The Fire Demon
Dr. John:  Party Hellfire
Squirrel Nut Zippers:  Hell
De Phazz:  Hell Alright
Donovan:  Season Of The Witch
Frank Zappa:  Zomby Woof
Frank Zappa:  Transylvania Boogie
Frank Zappa:  Spider Of Destiny
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  King Kong IV (The Gardner Varieties)
The Waitiki 7:  Voodoo Love
Les Baxter:  Voodoo Dreams - Voodoo
The Daktaris:  Voodoo Soul Stew
The Jimi Hendrix Experience:  Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Brownout:  The Wizard
The Budos Band:  Burnt Offering
Calibro 35:  A Massacre At Dawn
Johnny Otis:  Jaws

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Set List for October 23, 2017

Skeewiff feat. Charlotte Glasson:  Interlude Dude
Ursula 1000 feat. Sal P:  Stand Up Straight
The Fort Knox Five feat. Mustafa Akbar:  Whatcha Gonna Do
Chris Joss:  Toxic People
Chicago Afrobeat Project feat. Tony Allen & Oranmiyan:  Afro Party
The Daktaris:  Quiet Man Is Dead Man
The Whitefield Brothers:  In The Raw
Concept Neuf:  The Path (Sofrito Edit)
The Waitiki 7:  Left Arm Of Buddha
Don Tiki:  All Quiet Flows The Don
Richard Les Crees:  Slow Ride
Montepulciano:  Bongo Beach
RJD2:  The Sheboygan Left
The Mackrosoft:  The Art Of Rollin'
Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls:  Rainy Day Dog
Jeremy Steig:  Howling For Judy
Nickodemus feat. Sammy Ayala:  Conmigo
Quantic:  La Plata (Live)
Ozomatli:  Nadie Te Tira
Ondatropica:  Estar Contigo
The Pimps Of Joytime:  H2O (DJ Smash Remix)
Uptown Funk Empire feat. Ange:  Celestial Blues
Club Des Belugas:  Serious Woman
Redtenbacher's Funkestra feat. Jim Hunt:  Tricknologists
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Son Of Orange County (Live)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band:  Tropical Hot Dog Night
Neil Innes:  Amoeba Boogie
Mulato Beat:  Bem Jorge
Jazz Juice:  Borboleta
Abel Lima:  Farmacia
Barrio Jazz Gang:  Take Yr Freedom Back
Kaleidoscope Jukebox:  Vibration Science
Public Service Broadcasting:  Inform - Educate - Entertain
Nujabes:  Horn In The Middle
Nightmares On Wax feat. Wolfgang Haffner:  Luna 2

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Set List for October 16, 2017

Tony Allen:  Tony's Blues
David Nesselhauf:  Come
The Souljazz Orchestra:  Agoya
Midnight Groovers:  O Ti Yo
Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra:  When We Go Down
Lack Of Afro feat. Joss Stone:  Take You Home
My Trippin' Mojo:  Do Me A Favor
Nick Pride & The Pimptones:  Put Your Arms Around Me
Bobby Hughes Combination:  Moogjuus
The Herbaliser:  Blackwater Drive
Jimi Tenor:  Shore Hotel
Lemongrass:  Liaison
Louie Ramirez feat. Jimmy Sabater:  La Flauta
Bio Ritmo:  La Muralla
Empresarios:  Siesta
Bronx River Parkway:  El Resbalon
Brownout:  C130
Lettuce:  The Crusher
The Funk Ark:  Green Tree, Yellow Sky
The Olympians:  Apollo's Mood
Basement Boys:  See The Light
Les Hommes:  Intraspettro
George Russell:  A Helluva Town (SA-RA "GO" Remix)
Michael Ray & The Cosmic Krewe:  Beans And Rice
Cyz:  Que Zomba
Riolistic feat Leyla Brasil:  Uma Saudade
Som Tres:  Homenagem A Mongo
Brazuka Fina:  Novo Rio
Ursula 1000:  Up The Down Escalator
Tape Five:  Topanga Valley
Schema Sextet:  Agitazione
DJ Pulse And The Jazz Cartel:  Street Player
Frank Zappa:  Pink Napkins
Frank Zappa:  While You Were Out
Fila Brazillia:  Spill The Beans
Amon Tobin:  Lost And Found

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Set List for October 9, 2017
Discoverer's Day

Kola:  Lameirao
Carlinhos Brown:  O Bode
Fernanda Porto:  Outro Lugar Do Mundo
Rosalia De Souza:  Luiza Manequim
St. Germain:  Real Blues
Organic Grooves:  Banal Reality
Mo' Horizons:  Gonna Be (Ben Human Remix)
Trio Eletrico:  Mansad
Ozomatli:  (Who Discovered) America?
Quantic Soul Orchestra:  Regi Bugalu
Bobi Cespedes:  Obatala
Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds:  Justicia
Lack Of Afro feat. Elliott Cole:  Now I Feel Good
Ursula 1000:  Chess King
Ginko:  A New Life
Nicolette:  You Are Heaven Sent
Bhekumuzi Luthuli:  Ipiki Nefosholo
Brenda Fassie:  Sum' Bulala
Chicago Afrobeat Project feat. Tony Allen & Oranmiyan:  Must Come Down
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra:  French Connexion
Mondo Grosso feat. Bird:  Time
Yellow Magic Orchestra:  Expected Way
Sadistic Mica Band:  Tumbleweed
Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band:  Shimendoka
Frank Zappa:  Move It Or Park It
Frank Zappa:  Too Ugly For Show Business
Ike Turner:  After Hours
Shuggie Otis:  Gospel Groove
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Phoenix Firebird
Steve Cropper & Felix Cavaliere:  Cuttin' It Close
Tommy Guerrero:  Spider And The Monkey
Xploding Plastix:  Geigerteller
Thunderball:  The Road To Benares
The Bombay Royale:  Tumi Ami
1 Giant Leap feat. Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosle:  The Way You Dream