Sunday, November 16, 2014

Set List for November 17, 2014

Spyn Reset:  L.E.D.
Mo' Horizons:  Shake It Loose
Tosca:  Zuri
Jazz Juice:  Borboleta
Don Tiki:  The Other Side Of The Moon
De Phazz:  Cut The Jazz
Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana:  Eyesdown
Club Des Belugas:  Nerono
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Eat That Question
Frank Zappa:  Variations On The Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression
Frank Zappa:  Were We Ever Really Safe In San Antonio?
The Cheebacabra:  Return From Exile
Clutchy Hopkins & Shawn Lee:  Fish Sauce
The Budos Band:  Burnt Offering
Brownout:  N.I.B.
Stanley Clarke feat. Jeff Beck:  Hello Jeff
The Jimi Hendrix Experience:  House Burning Down
Bajofondo Tango Club:  Pide Piso
Juan Blas:  Exodo II
DJ Melo:  Lei Lo Lai (JC Remix/Melo Edit)
Pernett:  La Rumba Bacana (Nickodemus Remix)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Brazilian Bubble
Barrio Jazz Gang:  Chok-A-Blok Avenue (Deep Club Re Cut)
Mulato Beat:  Jongo Das Meninas
Farofa Carioca:  Doidinha
Antibalas:  Dirty Money
The Lafayette Afro Rock Band:  Soul Makossa
Peter King:  African Dialects
Monomono:  Tire Loma Da Nigbehin
RJD2:  Ghostwriter
Wagon Christ:  E-Z Listener
Fila Brazillia:  Thatched Neon
Nightmares On Wax:  The Sweetest
Grupo Fantasma:  Arroz Con Frijoles

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Set List for November 10, 2014

Nujabes:  Psychological Counterpoint
Bobby Hughes Experience:  The Piper Cherokee
Barrio Jazz Gang:  Jumpclub
The Brecker Brothers:  Song For Barry
Club Des Belugas:  Seven Chills
De Phazz & The Radio Bigband Frankfurt:  Death By Chocolate
Groove Collective:  Floating
Dorothy Ashby:  Dancing In The Dark
The Greyboy Allstars:  Back In The Game
UES:  Larnyx
Vibes Alive:  The Spoken Word (Remix)
DJ Swingsett:  Peace On The Streets
Frank Zappa:  Things That Look Like Meat
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Valarie
Lee Fields & Sharon Jones:  Stranded In Your Love
Shuggie Otis:  Aht Uh Mi Hed
Bobi Cespedes:  California (DJ Tripp Bass 211 Remix)
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno:  Te Pico El Yaibi (Version)
Los Amigos Invisibles:  Yo Soy Asi
The Crusaders:  Agua Dulce
801 feat. Phil Manzanera:  Diamond Head
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Later That Night
Widehive Players w/Larry Coryell:  Sworn Statement
Sadistic Mika Band:  Four Seasons
Ronny Jordan: Heaven
The Budos Band:  Into The Fog
The Herbaliser:  Inside The Machine
Beats Antique:  Revival
Nickodemus feat. Navegante:  Under The Volcano
The Headhunters:  Soul Glow
Chris Joss:  Overstay
Down To The Bone:  Supercharged
The Mackrosoft:  The March To Urenus

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Set List for November 3, 2014

Kraak & Smaak:  Maputo Express
Greyboy:  Genevieve (Quantic Remix)
Dr. Rubberfunk feat. Sitzka:  You're No Good
TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio feat. Alice Russell:  Spread It On
Ruben Blades:  Blackaman
Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri:  Picadillo Jam
Charlie Sepulveda:  That's All There Is To It
Mongo Santamaria:  Cu-Bop Alert
Fort Knox Five:  Papa Was Stoned
Brownout:  The Wizard
Garage A Trois:  Assault On Precinct 13
The Herbaliser:  Theme From Contol Centre
Frank Zappa:  Sinister Footwear II
Frank Zappa:  Lather
The Funky Lowlives:  I Want 2 Know U
Global Noize feat. DJ Logic & Jason Miles:  Spin Cycle
Clutchy Hopkins & Eugene Harrington:  El Boog
Nickodemus:  Mystery Of Life
Truby Trio:  Make A Move
Mo' Horizons:  Insatiable
Manu Dibango feat. King Sunny Ade:  Hi-Life
Osayomore Joseph And The Creative 7:  Eguae Oba
Chicco:  Sixolele Baba
Toure Kunda:  Okunaya
Nasty Tales And Their Orchestra:  Come On A My House
Gaijin A Go Go:  Tempura Mental (Ursula 1000 Remix)
Deadly Avenger:  Punisher
Fila Brazillia:  Little Hands Rouge
Uptown Funk Empire:  Boogie
Prince Nafa & His Polynesians:  Whatcha Feel Is Whatcha Get
Groove Collective:  Everything Is Changing
J Boogie's Dubtronic Science feat. The Mamaz:  Type Of Girl
Connie Price & The Keystones:  Sticks & Stones

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Set List for October 27, 2014
Pre Halloween Shakedown

Yellow Magic Orchestra:  Kai-Koh
Harry Hosono And The Yellow Magic Band:  Shimendoka
United Future Organization:  Picaresque Eye
Nujabes feat. Shing02:  Luv (Sic) Pt. 3
Sabo & Zeb:  C'mon Feel It
Nickodemus:  Cleopatra In New York (Zim Zam Mix)
Tosca feat. Anna Clementi:  Oscar
Quantic:  Tell It Like You Mean It
Frank Zappa:  Transylvania Boogie
Frank Zappa:  Treacherous Cretins
Wagon Christ:  Memory Towel
Deadly Avenger:  The Wraith
Donovan:  Season Of The Witch
The Herbaliser feat. Seaming To:  Something Wicked
RJD2:  2 More Dead
Calibro 35:  Death Comes At Midnight
The Bonzo Dog Band:  Death Cab For Cutie
Menahan Street Band:  The Traitor
Medeski Martin & Wood:  Midnight Poppies/Crooked Birds
The Cheebacabra:  Exile In The Woods
Club Des Belugas:  Jilt By Julie
De Phazz:  April Shower
Nightmares On Wax:  Moretime
Bonobo:  Don't Wait
Lettuce:  Twisted
Thunderball feat. Afrika Bambaataa:  Electric Shaka
The Mackrosoft:  Gynacamastia
The New Mastersounds:  Hey Fela!
Widehive Players w/Harvey Mandel:  Song For Snake
The Jimi Hendrix Experience:  Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Brownout:  Meter Beater
Afrolicious:  Do What You Got To
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Boogaloo

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Set List for October 20, 2014

Adrian Younge:  Man With The Heat (Superbad)
Galactic:  Something's Wrong With This Picture
Thunderball:  Heart Of The Hustler
Kool & The Gang:  Jungle Jazz
Quantic:  Spark It
Sergent Garcia:  Que Palique
Brownout:  Rub A Dub
The Funk Ark:  Horchata
Pit Baumgartner:  Kleine Weile
Club Des Belugas:  Weather Report
Cymande:  Fug
Down To The Bone:  Little Smile
Bonobo:  Light Pattern
Baby Mammoth:  Porpoise Fashion
Sounds From The Ground:  One And All
Organic Grooves:  Know Now Go
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Igor's Boogie, Phase Two
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown
Jimi Tenor:  Tesla
Ocote Soul Sounds:  The Grand Elixir
Armando Marcal:  O Outro Lado Do Rio
Azymuth:  Laranjeiras
Ondatropica:  Gaita Tropica
Barrio Jazz Gang:  Linda Cancao
Rosalia De Souza:  Maria Moita
Ursula 1000:  Smokebomb
Mr. Scruff:  Valley Of The Sausages
Groove Matter:  Kinda Going Crazy
Kojak:  Soul Unit
Hassan Erraji:  Hammouda
Spy From Cairo:  Zebda
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee:  The Tiger
Beats Antique:  Bus To Balkans
Nujabes:  Beat Laments The World

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Set List for October 13, 2014
Discoverer's Day

Ozomatli:  (Who Discovered) America?
Quantic:  Transatlantic
Pharaoh Sanders:  Astral Traveling (Boozoo Bajou Remix)
Shigeto:  Soul Searching
The Budos Band:  Turn And Burn
Clutchy Hopkins:  Giraffe Crack
Garage A Trois:  Etienne
Greyboy:  Grey's Groove
Leo Fadaka & The Heroes:  Blak Sound
Tony Tete Harbor And The Star Heaters Of Nigeria:  Tete Muo Bu Muo
Mahotella Queens & Mbazo:  Umthakathi
Tunji Oyelana & The Benders:  Ifa
Bala Miller & The Great Music Pirameeds Of Africa:  Ikon Allah
Montefiori Cocktail:  Prince Igor
Gerardo Frisina:  Open Up Your Mind
Mo' Horizons:  So Ma Guisee
Soulstance:  Zenith
Frank Zappa:  Black Napkins
Frank Zappa:  Pink Napkins
Frank Zappa:  The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Phoenix Firebird
Bobby Hughes Experience:  B&S
Club Des Belugas:  Papaya
Nickodemus feat. Carol & Robert Gheorghe:  Brookarest
TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio feat. Andreya Triana:  That Gut Feeling
Orgone:  Cali Fever
The New Mastersounds:  Witness
Diesler feat. Double Yellow:  Panther Sneer
Fila Brazillia:  Motown Coppers
Wagon Christ:  Quadra Y Discos
Tommy Guerrero:  Yerba Buena Bump
Pit Baumgartner:  Caracas Last Year

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Set List for October 6, 2014

Kaleidoscope Jukebox:  Vibration Science
The Budos Band:  Magus Mountain
Calibro 35:  Death Comes At Midnight
Flevans:  Endless Things
Kraak & Smaak:  5 To 4
Medeski Martin & Wood:  Hypnotized
Slide Five:  Outerspace
Ohm Guru:  Tokio Station (Sic)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers:  The Uncle Meat Variations
Frank Zappa:  Outside Now (Original Solo)
Garaj Mahal:  Madagascar
Global Noize feat. DJ Logic & Jason Miles:  Spice Island
Ocote Soul Sounds:  Pan, Chamba Y Techo
Ozomatli:  Nadie Te Tira
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro:  Mas Pan
Bajofondo Tango Club:  Lluvia
Baby Mammoth:  Chicken Chiefly
The Dining Rooms:  Astro Black
United Future Organization:  Spy's Spice (Mon Espionne)
Peter Daou:  Seventh Space
Uptown Funk Empire:  Walkin Like The Ginger
Smilin' Myron:  Johnny
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra:  Parisian Glam Slam
The Clinton Administration:  One Nation Under A Groove
Donald Byrd:  Change (Makes You Want To Hustle)
Jojo Effect:  The Beat Goes On
Tape Five:  Cocktail D'Amour (Sex On The Beach Remix)
De Phazz:  Cut The Jazz
Club Des Belugas:  The Beat Is Rhythm
Bonobo:  Cirrus
Vono Box:  Teddy Acapulco
Envelop:  Hear My Answer
Bobby Hughes Experience:  The Piper Cherokee
Nujabes:  Here And There